Sasshi Becomes A Regular On ‘Waratte Iitomo!’

2 10 2011

In a sign that TV execs are latching on how great Sasshi is as a person comes the news that she now will become a regular on Tamori’s TV show ‘Waratte Iitomo’. For those that have never heard of the show, it’s a variety show that airs every weekday on Fuji TV. It’s been broadcasted since 1982 and is a staple part of Japanese TV schedules. For Sasshi to become a regular member of this show is a big honour for her. Another AKB48 member is also a regular on the programme – Sayaka Akimoto. Sasshi has been chosen along with 2 others as “fresh people who would cheer up Japan”. Having Sasshi as a regular will no doubt bring an element of fun to the show. With her solo TV show “Sashiko no Kuseni ~ Kono Bangumi wa AKB to wa Mattaku Kankei Arimasen ~“ now having come to the end of its run on TBS, this is a great opportunity for Sasshi to showcase her vibrant personality to the Japanese general public who may not be familiar or be a fan of AKB48. She will be on the show every Wednesday starting from this week. It caps a wonderful year for Sasshi who has gone from strength to strength in popularity. I’m really happy that she’s been given such a high profile job and can’t wait to see how she performs on the show.



One response

3 10 2011
Natalie 'DSQ' B,

It is a really good opertunity for sasshi, i’m happy for her! Although I’m pretty sure she woun’t have to fly the flag for AKB by appearing on the show considering waratte Iitomo already has sayaka representing AKB.

They can represent AKB together 🙂

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