New AKB48 Radio Drama Show

3 10 2011

Takamina, Sae and Mayuyu took part in a press conference to promote the new AKB48 radio drama show which has already started it’s run from tonight in Japan. The new 10 minute drama which runs for 4 days a week (Monday – Thursday) and is called ‘AKB Radio Drama Theater’ focuses on themes which the AKB48 members can relate to such as love, relationships, friends and rivals although other topics will no doubt be brought into the storylines.

The threesome will be in the first story but other AKB48 members are going to appear in future episodes. Takamina stated to the press that such is the group’s busy schedule, they were only told about doing this radio work on the day they had to record the story. She also said that she would like a more meatier role on the drama in the future if possible such as a woman having an affair!!

If you want to tune in and listen to the drama, it is currently being broadcasted on 18 stations around Japan with Nippon Broadcast being the main station and is on air at 11.50pm.



One response

8 10 2011
David Lorell Hoskins (@BlindFlyTheater)

We wish them the best of luck. Also wish we could hear them in the States, but then again, it’s probably in Japanese.
Dave and Fly

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