Tomomi Kasai Diagnosed With Medical Condition

5 10 2011

Today saw Team B’s Tomomi Kasai announce to her fans on her blog that she’s having trouble with a medical condition called ‘pelvioperitonitis’. What the hell is this I hear you ask? Apparently it’s the membrane surrounding the uterus and the fallopian tubes that has inflamed for her. According to her blog, it was rather painful for Chiyuu which is why she went to the doctors but she’s having treatment for it and she should recover from it. Thankfully the condition was caught early but had she battled through the pain and soldiered on it might have become worse for her. The condition can even be life threatening if ignored so she’s lucky. I’m not sure if she’ll take some time off or not.

As this condition can also come about from a sexually transmitted disease, some fans have been quick to say that Chiyuu has started to live up to her ‘ero’ image a little too much!! I’m sure this isn’t the case with her at all!!

Get well soon Chiyuu.



2 responses

6 10 2011

I wonder if Jap idols retort to “falling sick” to gain sympathy and strengthen their fandom?

10 04 2012

no bro. These girls had been sick for along time. They’re the national idol and stacked with works to the point they’re being send to the hospital. It’s not fake. Beside don’t you think it’s presumptuous to assume they’re faking it when you don’t know them

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