AKB48 Receive Special Glasses Award

12 10 2011

At the 24th Japan Best Dressed Eyes Awards, AKB48 received a special award as the celebrities that people most wanted to see wearing glasses.

Sayaka, Sae, Yokoyama, Tomochin, Mayuyu, Kitarie and Reinyan attended the ceremony to accept the award as they were chosen to be the ones in AKB48 that would look best in glasses. Chiyuu was supposed to be there too but she is still recovering from her medical condition.

We’re used to seeing Mayuyu wear glasses from time to time and she looks good in them but somehow Sayaka and Sae looked odd. It doesn’t suit their image very well. Tomochin and Kitarie look fantastic in glasses but where was Miichan? She should have been here. A pity they didn’t choose Rena from SKE48 as well judging from the Pachinko video I posted yesterday as she looks fantastic in glasses too.



2 responses

12 10 2011

I thought all the girls look great with glasses on. I thought that SaeYaka did look a little off, but I blame that more on the wrong style choice of glasses rather than them. I really think they could have used more fashionable glasses.

I definitely agree with you about Miichan. I honestly think that no girl in AKB looks better with glasses on than Miichan.

12 10 2011
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