Technical Hitches Cut Short Chisato Nakata’s Birthday Show

13 10 2011

Technical hitches are part and parcel of the music business when you’re performing live and they come when you least expect them. A microphone not working, maybe some pyrotechnics not going off for example. Such was the case during yesterday’s Mokugekisha show at the AKB48 Theater which was also Chisato Nakata’s 21st birthday celebration bash.

During the performance of the 3rd song Ibitsuna Shinju, the spring in the stage floor stopped working. As personnel worked frantically to get the damn thing to work once more, AKB48 members kept the audience entertained for 20 mins. But when one thing goes wrong you can be guaranteed that something else will start playing up as well and it did. This time a blue light wouldn’t start up. It was left to the girls once more to fill up 10 mins of time by talking to each other. Although 9 songs were performed in total, the stage was eventually cut short by 7 songs due to the glitches encountered.

Regardless of this, Chisato’s birthday celebrations continued and the audience did get a bonus after the show. Instead of the usual high five with the AKB48 members, they got a handshake instead! Everybody that attended the show will get a free ticket to watch any stage show they want within 1 month and their money back which is a nice gesture.



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