NMB48 Unveil PV’s For 2 B-Side Tracks

14 10 2011

NMB48 will be releasing their 2nd major single ‘Oh My God’ next week and 2 PV’s for the b-side tracks have been uploaded on the idol group’s official Youtube channel.

The first track by Shirogumi is ‘Kesshou’ which I really like involves an Alice In Wonderland white rabbit type character hanging out with the girls. Whilst this PV is bright and cheery, the 2nd PV by Akagumi called ‘Hoshokusha tachi yo’ is quite noticeably darker in tone. It involves the NMB48 members working in a club run by the yakuza and trying to escape but failing. It starts dramatically with one member being slapped across the face by the boss of the club for mouthing off to him. I don’t know the name of the man playing the boss character but I’m sure I’ve seen him in some Japanese movies before. I enjoyed both tracks – so completely different to each other but no less brilliant.

Check them out below.



2 responses

14 10 2011
Asuka Inverse

I totally love the first one… but Hoshokusha tachi yo is just too much… and the dresses are not flattering at all… come on, there are too young to play such roles…

14 10 2011
Asuka Inverse


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