Tsunku Muscles In On AKB48’s Territory

14 10 2011

Signalling his intent to perhaps start up a new idol war, H!P’s producer Tsunku is opening up an idol training cafe right at the heart of AKB48’s territory – Akihabara! The new cafe which will be called AKIHABARA Backstage Pass will be opening it’s doors to the public next month and will be located only 3 mins from the AKB48 Theater.

All the employees of this new cafe will be girls who have dreams to become idols and singers. Tsunku believes that by interacting with customers, they’ll quickly mature and become fully fledged idols. Once that happens, they’ll be ready to make their debut. Sorry Tsunku, it sounds too much like AKB48’s motto ‘idols you can meet’ but this is more ‘pre idols you can meet who work at a cafe’!

Reading between the lines, it says that idols and singers who have already debuted will pop their heads into the cafe as well so expect to see Morning Musume, Berryz et al coming in. The cafe expects to have it’s grand opening at the end of November.

Should Aki-P be worried about this development? I don’t think so. It’s a nice idea though by Tsunku. He’s been on the back foot for many years now with AKB48 taking over from Morning Musume as the premier idol group in Japan and what better way to make heads turn than by opening something on AKB48’s home turf.



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14 10 2011

Well, AKB48 has a cafe on Harajuku’s most popular street.

14 10 2011

True but H!P doesn’t have a presence in Harajuku anymore since the shop closed down. AKB48 only filled the gap that was there.

14 10 2011

i think it’s a little to late, H!P lost a load of fans when it comes to the prime or whatever. Yes, AKB48 is at it’s prime now but when their popularity starts to decline, at least that’ll give me a chance to get to go to the theater haha.

14 10 2011

Wait to add,

“All the employees of this new cafe will be girls who have dreams to become idols and singers. Tsunku believes that by interacting with customers, they’ll quickly mature and become fully fledged idols.”

I really think Tsunku has a shinoda mariko fetish lol, even his song had her name in it hahahahah jk

14 10 2011

Aki-P from 2005 called, he wants his idea back. :V

14 10 2011

great idea Tsunku!
It’s different from AKB’s. Your are going to have girls in there that are going to be working to BECOME idols. This is just where they are going to start off. By interacting and working at the cafe, Tsunku will be able to see who may have the potential to be a great idol in the future. I think this is a perfect idea!
And having some already debuted idols appear once in a while ensures that alot of fans will be there just to have the chance to meet them for free!
Don’t forget, Tsunku does not give the public as many oppertunities to meet his idols. This is the perfect idea to give them a chance to meet in a casual setting. Any chances Tsunku gives the public to meet their idols through special FC events, Dinner shows and bus tours are ALOT of money. This ensures that the public will come with the hope of meeting their idol for free. 🙂

Great idea, Tsunku!

14 10 2011
Asuka Inverse

I wish him good luck :p, I’ll have a drink at this cafe in the next summer then :p

14 10 2011

but what happens when they become idols? you don’t get to interact with them?

15 10 2011

Once they become idols they’ll obviously graduate from their job at the cafe and move on to showbiz full time. They’ll be no interacting with fans after that.

15 10 2011

again WHY even bother! hahaha!

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