SDN48 To Disband Next Year

15 10 2011

I just didn’t see this coming at all but SDN48 are disbanding in March next year with a farewell concert. In an announcement by captain Noro Kayo, all 3 generations of the group will say their farewell to the fans on the 31st March 2012 with a concert and then each member will go their seperate ways and do whatever they want.

I’m quite frankly stunned by this turn of events. There was no whispers or rumours or anything for that matter to suggest that this was going to happen. So SDN48 aren’t as popular as their sister groups but they still had a very good following and even though I haven’t seen their stage at the AKB48 Theater yet, everything I read about it has been all positive. Even though Noro Kayo says it’s the members that want to do something else, it could be that Aki-P is quite stretched at the moment with his other teams including the soon-to-be HKT48. Perhaps he thinks he can’t do anything more with SDN48 and that it’s best they should split up.It’s only been 2 years since their inception and SDN48 is dying with a whimper.

My obvious concern is what will happen to members such as Nonti, Meetan, CinDy and Yukarin do once SDN48 is over? They can’t go back to AKB48, they won’t have a solo singing career. Can they even survive on their own going on various TV variety shows? The future isn’t looking particularly rosy for any of them in showbizness IMO so perhaps they’ll drop out and do something completely different.

I’m sad to see SDN48 go so hopefully on my next trip to Tokyo I’ll get a chance to see them live. And even though it’s still 5 months until they call it a day I wish all of the members the very best of luck in their future endeavors.



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15 10 2011
Asuka Inverse

I’m shocked O.o their singles sold well… I don’t understand…

15 10 2011

I am so mad! We just got back Hiichan and Hana!

15 10 2011
All of SDN48 To Graduate In March 2012 | International Wota

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19 10 2011

Can’t believe this is happening. However, I think many SDN48 members will be employed as dance teachers for AKB and other groups.

24 10 2011

Yukarin can fall back on Gravure Modeling…???

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