AKB48 Anime To Be Aired In Spring 2012

18 10 2011

AKB48 are going to get their own anime series next year. The title of the anime series and which TV station it’s going to be aired have yet to be announced but the storyline will focus on 9 idol cadets who wish to become legendary idols. The characters in the series will be modeled after the top 8 senbatsu members.

Even though the characters will be based on top 8 senbatsu members, it might not be Acchan or Yuko that will voice the characters even though they’ll have a chance to try out to be one of the voices. In fact all 200 members from AKB48, SKE48 and NMB48 (including kenkyuusei) will have an opportunity to try an audition to be the voices for the anime characters. 30 will be chosen to advance from the first round of auditions with the results to be announced in a special website next month. The task of choosing the final 9 from the 30 will be held publicly. Those that are lucky enough to be chosen will also sing the anime theme tune which will more than likely be released as a single. If that ain’t enough, there are also plans for an AKB48 manga based on the anime as well.

The anime will be developed by Shoji Kawamori who is best known for the popular series Macross. He’ll be using the latest CG techniques combined with traditional animation to create the AKB48 anime.

I’m sure Mayuyu will be very excited about this development and will hope to be one of the voices in the anime, preferably the character based on her own idol personality.



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