AKB48 23rd Single – Other PV’s Released

23 10 2011

Now you’ve had a chance to have a look at Kaze wa Fuiteiru, 3 more PV’s from the single have now been uploaded onto Youku as well.

The first which is Kimi no Senaka focuses mostly on Suuchan and Lovetan with Suuchan leaving town due to something happening between her and Lovetan – it revolves around a boy who plays baseball. Nice song and PV. Actually I’ll be paying a visit to the station shown in the PV next month – Gokurakuji as it’s also the location for one of my favorite anime series Elfen Lied so I’ll be going on a little anime pilgrimage there.

Kimi no Senaka PV

The 2nd PV is Gondola Lift which is my personal favorite of the 3 PV’s that you’ll be able to watch. It’s a slow ballady type song with plenty of shots of Ayaka Umeda who I’ve really taken a shine to during the past month so I’m happy that there’s some focus on her in the PV. Actually I’d say this song is even better than Kaze wa Fuiteiru.

Gondola Lift

And finally we have Vamos which is a great fun song with the PV turning it’s attention on Team 4 and other underused members such as Kana Kobayashi and Mayumi Uchida. I thought I wouldn’t like the song at first when it first began but I really got into it by the end.


Overall, I consider Kaze wa Fuiteiru and all of it’s b-sides to be a very strong and solid single by AKB48. There isn’t any song that I dislike. Aki-P has come up trumps once more.



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23 10 2011
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