AKB48 Request Hour Best 100 2012 Voting Begins

25 10 2011

Most of us will receive our copies of AKB48’s 23rd single Kaze wa Fuiteiru tomorrow but for those lucky enough to buy it today in Japan, you can now vote for your favorite song (excluding subunit songs) to appear in next year’s AKB48 Request Hour Best 100 2012.

So which song(s) will you be voting for? I’ll have 2 tickets to vote but I’m not too sure which songs I’ll go for. I’m leaning towards Seishun to Kizukanai Mama to take 1 vote but as for the other – Beginner (which I voted for last year), Heavy Rotation, Sougen no Kiseki? Decisions, decisions – I’m sure I’ll have decided before the weekend which ones I’ll finally be voting for. But what about the rest of you guys – which one(s) will be getting your important vote?



6 responses

25 10 2011

None 😦

Currency exchange rates just kill. Immediately.

25 10 2011

Prolly “RESET” from K6th or “Tsundere” from A5th. I can’t make up my mind either :/

25 10 2011

Hmm.. Kaze no Yukue and maybe Flying Get.. ^_^

26 10 2011

SDN48’s Kodoku na Runner

28 10 2011

Vote for SDN48’s Kodoku na Runner! This would be the best gift for them before graduating!

28 10 2011

I’ve read about the campaign started out in various AKB48 forums about voting for Kodoku na Runner. I think the SDN48 members would appreciate the gesture by the fans as well if this song ranked very high in the countdown.

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