AKB48 – Kaze wa Fuiteiru 1st Day Sales – Another Million Seller!!

26 10 2011

I thought that the first day sales of Flying Get could not be topped but AKB48 have proved me wrong by selling a million copies once again on the first day for Kaze wa Fuiteiru and increasing their sales by just shy of 20k. The final figures sold for the day is 1,045,937 copies whilst Flying Get sold 1,025,952. Usually I give a prediction of just how much they are likely to sell for the week but I’m usually wrong. I thought they’d break Love Machine’s record with Flying Get but they didn’t so I’m not going to say anything with this single but I fully expect the first week figures to be around 1.3 – 1.4 million.

Well done to AKB48 on their remarkable achievement. Consecutive million 1st day sales of a single is unheard for and I’m just wondering how many more records are waiting for AKB48 to break. Just how much of a drop will we see tomorrow in sales?



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26 10 2011
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27 10 2011
Asuka Inverse

a-m-a-z-i-n-g !!!

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