Fancy Creating A Baby With Yuko?

1 11 2011

Before all you hot blooded males think you’re in with a chance of getting it on with Yuko and making her pregnant, it’s not like that at all!

For the launch of AKB48’s official ISP (AKB48 Official Net) yesterday, Yuko came out to the press conference with a baby – not a real one obviously. It’s all to do with trying to get subscribers onto AKB48’s new internet service. In doing so, you get an email address that ends in ““, a free extra vote for AKB48’s Request Hour Setlist best 100 2012, a better chance to get tickets to see AKB48 perform at their theater. All this for just 1,480 yen a month. But this is the bonus you get if you subscribe – a chance to create your very own AKBaby. What is AKBaby and how does it work? I’m not 100% sure but it’s something to do with posting your own picture and selecting the oshimen you’d like to have a child with and they somehow manage to come up with a picture how your child would look like. It sounds a bit weird if you ask me! Even the slogan for this AKBaby is bizarre: “Why don’t we make a baby. On the net”. There’s even a suggestive poster for AKBaby showing Yuko breastfeeding a baby!

I wonder if any fan will be brave enough during the next handshake event to ask Yuko if she’d like to create a real baby with them!!



2 responses

1 11 2011

The baby is a bit weird. I would not mind the getting a better chance on tickets and the extra vote. Is that all that the service provides? They should throw in something like guaranteed limited edition single ordering. ^_^

11 11 2011
Asuka Inverse

that’s… creepy….. O.o this is going too far….

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