MARIKO Magazine A Huge Success

4 11 2011

Mariko Shinoda’s new fashion magazine entitled MARIKO Magazine sold just over 31k during it’s first week on general release which placed it in 3rd place on Oricon’s Weekly Book Ranking. She was only narrowly beaten from becoming second. We all know that Mariko took charge of everything for her magazine even going on photoshoots to London. Her hard work in doing this has paid off handsomely for her. I would imagine that with the success this edition has created, she’ll no doubt want to do another new edition soon. As much as AKB48 fans don’t want to hear of this, Mariko’s time in the group will certainly come to an end I think next year. She’ll be 26 years old in March 2012 and will think it’s time to move on to other exciting things in her life. You don’t see many idols of that age. One thing she can do is concentrate fully without the need for AKB48 distraction on this magazine – if that’s what she wants to do?



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