Sasshi & Yukirin Fall Ill With The Flu/Minarun’s Return

12 11 2011

Several AKB48 members could not attend the handshake event at Mukuhari Messe in Chiba today due to illness with what is suspected to be a case of flu.

Yukirin was taken to hospital yesterday for treatment and Sasshi announced on her blog that she was staying at home in case she passed on her germs to other members. Chiyuu is another member who’s had to cancel her handshake slot today as well. We know that she’s got an ongoing problem so that’s understandable.

I hope all of them get well soon. Now then on to more happier news. Minarun made a surprise appearance today at the handshake event to state that she will be coming back in 2012 to Team 4. She gave a speech apologising for her actions and she even thought of quitting AKB48 during her suspension but thank God she didn’t. The rest of Team 4 left their positions where they were shaking hands to join Minarun. It’s obvious the bond between Minarun and her Team 4 friends is a strong one and they’ve missed her a lot. The crowd applauded loudly when she finished her speech. Togasaki also stated that she was returning next year at the AKB48 Theater. I’m really happy that there’s now a confirmation for her return. It’ll be good to have her back.



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