Updates (or lack of)

23 11 2011

You’ve probably noticed during this month that I’ve hardly been updating this blog. The reason for that is I’ve lost my enthusiasm for reporting AKB48 news especially since other bloggers are doing a far better job than I am anyway. Seeing as I’m in Japan for a couple of weeks I’ll take the time out to think about whether I should continue or not. Whatever happens I’ll report back on this blog soon. Watch this space.



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23 11 2011

Aww 😦 i love this site! I hate those akb48 sites where it has forums and threads. i love blogs, just as simply as yours! but it is ok to close the blog >:)

23 11 2011

o no don’t stop!!!! i love your blog updates! i try to follow every day!
But if you want to stop, it’s a decision entirely up to you.
If you do stop though, please give me a link to another blog i can follow!

If you stop, you will be missed!

23 11 2011

What better sources? You are the one I go to first for news.

23 11 2011

Nooo! I do read your blog religiously. I was wondering why you stopped updating 😦

23 11 2011
Asuka Inverse

Yes, I read your blog every day ! Please continue updating !

23 11 2011

what? why? this is a tradegy! Your blog is the best! other sources suck! Please come back!

23 11 2011

Many thanks for your kind comments. All of you have more than less convinced me to continue this blog so thank you once more. Normal service will be resumed very soon.

24 11 2011

Honestly, I love your blog but still. I can’t stop you from delete your blog. LOVE YOUR BLOG, LOVE AKB48

24 11 2011

I’ll add in, too. It doesn’t matter, when news here comes a bit late – I’m looking here for opinions (on facts, events…) and deeper insight, not just news in “hit and run” style, ie. plain facts, written as fast as possible, not referred later.

25 11 2011

The information presentation here are much better compared to some that I scouted a year ago when I was looking for the group’s news. Keep up the great work!


26 11 2011

I admit I read mostly the email headlines, but you’re pretty much my sole source of AKB news and related YouTube viewings. If you do decide to call it quits, at least points us in the right direction to those other sources so we’re not left in the dark =) If Hello!Online did AKB news, I’d probably read theirs also, as their torrent section seems to be slowly being taken over by AKB instead of Hello!Project nowadays, but their news section is still pretty well tops — but I’d still read anything that gets put here I’m sure =)

26 11 2011

This blog isn’t closing down, I’ve decided to carry on. Reading everybody’s comments really touched me and inspired me to continue.

28 11 2011

you and your blog rock my socks. glad you’ve decided to continue on!

29 11 2011
Daniel Ogura

Hey just to let you know I always go to your site even though I’ve finished reading tokyohive’s. your writing style is better! ganbare~!!!

29 11 2011

Thanks for all of your comments. I’m overwhelmed by your kind words. You guys are the best!!

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