Acchan Wins Special Beauty Award/Role In New Drama Series

24 11 2011

It’s been quite an eventful few days for Acchan recently. On the 22nd November she attended the VOCE BEAUTY AWARDS 2011 Best Cosmetics Grand Prix where she promptly won a gong for being the “BEST BEAUTY OF THE YEAR 2011”. This award is new and is given to somebody who has been talked about and had a big influence in the beauty industry this year. Whilst I think Acchan is a very pretty girl, out of all the members in AKB48 I would have given it to Yukirin or even Umechan who has really blossomed into a stunning woman this year. Then again I’m sure everybody has an opinion on who they think should have won this award.

After the disaster ratings wise that was Hana Zakari no Kimi-tachi e ~Ikemen Paradise, Acchan has been given a supporting role in a new drama alongside Yamapi. Starting in January 2012 on TBS, Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ fucuses on a funeral service shop in one of Tokyo’s backstreets. With Yamapi in the lead male role and Nana Eikura as the leading female in the family based drama, this is bound to be a ratings winner. Acchan will play Yamapi’s sister. I think it’s a wise move by TV execs to give her a supporting role rather than the lead. I’m not sure if her confidence took a knock after her last drama as everybody expected it to do well but that failed to materialise. Hopefully this role in the new drama will further develop her acting skills. Acchan will no doubt get a leading part in another drama series in the future.



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