Team Songs From AKB48’s Upcoming 24th Single

26 11 2011

All 4 team songs from the upcoming AKB48 single ‘Ue kara Mariko’ has been uploaded onto Youtube for your listening pleasure.

They’re all quite good songs but if I had to go for my own personal favorite it would have to be Team K’s Zero-sum Taiyou closely followed by Team B’s Yobisute Fantasy.

Which one do you prefer?

Team A – Rinjin wa Kizutsukai

Team K – Zero-sum Taiyou

Team B – Yobisute Fantasy

Team 4 – Hashire! Penguin



4 responses

26 11 2011

I personally think Team A wins it again, followed by Team K. Team 4 and Team B just sounded like generic B-sides they’ve done before.

26 11 2011

Team A’s song seems to be the most popular from reading other forums. It just hasn’t grabbed my attention so far.

26 11 2011

Even Team B is my team, but Team K has the best song of all four. Its has a nice beat. And for me its a new type song that i haven’t heard it before in AKB48.

Order that i like Team K, Team 4, Team A and Team B.

27 11 2011

team A FTW :D:D

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