Fan Power To Decide On Suspended NMB48 Members Return

28 11 2011

The return date of 2 suspended NMB48 members will be decided by the fans it was announced yesterday. From yesterday until the 3rd December, fans who are members of the NMB48 Ticket Center will be able to vote if Shiori Matsuda and Rena Shimada can return immediately to active duty or not. If you remember – Shiori suspended herself whilst Rena’s past caught up with her in a kissing purikura photo with her ex-boyfriend and both have been out of NMB48 since September. The result of this important vote will be announced at the December 7th Team N show. It’s not the end of the world for both if the fans decide that they’re not ready to return yet. There will be regular voting until the fans overturn their decision and welcome them back. Even if they do return, they won’t be able to perform on stage straight away. What’s a little bit strange is there’s nothing about the other suspended member Akari Yoshida. Why has she been left out? Is she not coming back?

Why does NMB48 management want to wash their hands of responsibility with these two girls and let the fans decide? It’s a big decision to let fan power hold the fate of the girls in their hands. Then again it’s not like the fans are holding their careers in their hands and can actually fire them.



One response

29 11 2011

My take honestly is start from scratch…. if Ayarin can do it, and if they really want to be an idol, start from scratch. Don’t run a marathon or whatever, just demote and start as a research student

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