AKB48 24th Single B-Side – Noel no Yoru PV

3 12 2011

You’ve heard the team songs that I put up here last week that will be found on AKB48’s next single but you didn’t get to hear the Christmassy b-side ‘Noel no Yoru song. Here’s your chance courtesy of Youku to see the PV for the song. Some might complain that it’s just a typically generic AKB48 song but I quite like it especially the pink outfits the girls are wearing in the PV.

Noel no Yoru: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzI4NzE2OTIw.html



5 responses

3 12 2011

Title is with little mistake – Yoru 🙂

Other PVs also revealed; I just want B more, that OMG panda, lolz.

4 12 2011

I can’t get the other PV’s to work on Youku for some reason.

4 12 2011
Asuka Inverse

I love this song ! and they are beautiful ! Pink X,as outfits FTW

4 12 2011

I had to search for Team B’s one. Apparently I had a restriction….

4 12 2011

I like the members selected for this track but what was with the ending LOL

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