Super Sayaka To Run The Tokyo Marathon Again

15 12 2011

Team K member Sayaka Akimoto has decided to run the Tokyo Marathon once more and attended a press conference yesterday for the release of the Tokyo Marathon 2012 Official Guidebook. This will mark the 2nd consecutive year for Sayaka to run the marathon which will take place on February 26th.

Sayaka aims to run for a charity next year. Her chosen charity is Charity to Connect Lives which helps poor villages that desperately needs medical supplies. This year Sayaka decided to run the marathon after she was caught up in a scandal which saw her relinquish the Team K captaincy (although she is now captain once more). She ran the race  as she wanted to ‘restart’ her life.

She said that if she had an ideal running partner with her for the race it would be Yuko only for the fact that Yuko would spank her and make her run better!!! I found that comment from Sayaka to be funny. Don’t be surprised if you see Yuko running part of the marathon next year, spanking Sayaka and telling her to move her ass!!

I wish Sayaka the very best of luck and I admire her for doing the race for a 2nd time. She aims to finish the race under 6 hours.



One response

16 12 2011

I’m imagining Yuko doing that to Sayaka. hahaha

Very funny!

They climbed Fuji-san together before and both did not show any weakness. They can do this marathon!

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