Mayuyu Goes Solo In 2012

19 12 2011

Don’t panic folks, Mayuyu isn’t leaving AKB48 to go solo in 2012 but she will release her solo debut single which has a tie-in with a late night drama series that she’ll be starring in called Sabadoru (Saba Doll). Little details have been released about the plot of the drama other than the fact it’s set in a high school.

The title of the track is called Synchro Tokimeki and apprently there’s supposed to be an 80’s vibe about the track which kinda excites me. The song will be the theme tune for Sabadoru and if you want to catch Mayuyu acting alone for the first time without her AKB48 friends it all starts Friday January 13th on TV Tokyo in the early hours of the morning.

I was really surprised when I saw this piece of news but I’m delighted for Mayuyu and can’t wait to hear her track. Synchro Tokimeki will come in 4 versions (3 Limited edition and 1 Regular) on February 29th.



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20 03 2014
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