DiVA Increases By 6 Members To 10!

20 12 2011

Today saw the AKB48 Kouhaku contest at the Tokyo Dome City Hall and if you were one of the lucky ones that saw it on Youtube or through Google+ then I hope you enjoyed it.

There was a big announcement made at the beginning of the event. That much touted DiVA audition that was supposed to happen if I remember rightly at the beginning of the Summer and then everything just went quiet…..hell I thought the auditions had been a bust and nothing was going to happen but how wrong I was. As from today DiVA has 6 brand new members – and none of them are currently in the 000 family. These are 6 outsiders whose lives will now suddenly change forever.

The 6 new members are: Ayaka Yamagami, Satoko Kasuya, Yuina Inoue, Yuuki Futama, Atsuko Furukawa and Noramu Fuku. Check out the video below which serves as an introduction to the new members. Personally I thought DiVA was fine as it was with 4 members but Aki-P said that there was something missing and they were incomplete. He seems to think that DiVA will improve with more members, just like EXILE did when their membership increased.

DiVA also performed a new song called ‘Lost the way’ which may or may not be a new single for the unit.



One response

21 12 2011

lol kinda like s/mileage lol…. jk i can’t wait. i just hope they are dancers for the time being

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