Could The Kouhaku Effect Possibly Propel AKB48 To Break Morning Musume’s Love Machine Record?

23 12 2011

I admit that when Flying Get was released during late Summer and saw the huge sales figures for it during the first week on release, I really did think that Morning Musume’s record sales for Love Machine would be broken easily. Surprisingly that didn’t happen but AKB48 are now creeping ever so slowly to the 1.64m sales that Love Machine achieved all those years ago. So far Flying Get has sold 1.57m and it is still selling a couple of thousand copies every week.

We all know that when the annual Kouhaku Uta Gassen show is aired, CD sales of the artists that participate usually sell extremely well afterwards which is called the Kouhaku Effect. Consider this scenario in January 2012. AKB48 come off a triumphant appearance on Kouhaku and sales of Flying Get shoot up. 70k is a lot I know to sell especially when the majority of fans have already bought the single but should they sell 40k of the single in one week that would leave them 30k to aim for to overtake Morning Musume. That figure looks quite achievable over a number of weeks and I think that’s what’s going to happen. Whichever way we look at it, I truly believe AKB48 will pass Love Machine’s record next year. Not by a lot of copies I grant you but enough to claim the title of being the best selling idol song ever.

UPDATE: Sales of Flying Get are now up to 1.608 million which means they need to sell 38,135 more to overtake Morning Musume’s Love Machine. Stay tuned for more updates as they come ever closer to the target.



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24 12 2011
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25 12 2011

As for me… I’m still wondering, why Hebirote doesn’t have its million yet.

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