AKB48 Win The Japan Record Award

30 12 2011

AKB48 won the highly coveted Japan Record Award today at this year’s 53rd Kagayaku! Japan Record Awards which was held at Tokyo’s New National Theatre. It was Flying Get that won them this award. Last year AKB48 were also nominated but failed to capture the big prize so I’m happy that they’ve gone one better this year.

All of the members that appeared at the awards ceremony broke down in tears when the announcement that they had won was made. As they were making their way down to the stage following the announcement, it looks like Tomochin had a nasty tumble. Hope she’ll be OK for tomorrow night’s performance and hasn’t damaged anything. Yes, they’ve won many awards in the past but THIS is the big one as far as Japanese music artists is concerned and to have won this prestigious award shows how far AKB48 have come in the past 2 years. Even Aki-P who also appeared looked like he was about to start tearing up when Acchan and Takamina thanked him!!

I’m sure I say this on behalf of all of us fans – we’re so incredibly proud of you (AKB48) right now. Many congratulations.

Here’s a clip from the award ceremony when the announcement was made and a performance of Flying Get. It’s not a very good performance vocal wise as the girls were still very emotional and you can hear their voice breaking at times. Be quick in watching – this won’t stay on Youtube very long.



3 responses

30 12 2011
Asuka Inverse

Congratulations !!!! They look beautiful! Mayuyu ! *.*

An Happy New Year to you !

31 12 2011

Happy New Year to you as well Asuka.

31 12 2011


Thanks for this news feed! Congratulations to all of them!

Happy New Year!!!

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