Did Anybody Else Know About This AKB Related Movie?

4 01 2012

March 3rd sees a little known sci-fi comedy movie starring Haachan and Nonti coming out on DVD called Chikyu Bouei Girls P9. Apparently it was released in Japan’s cinemas during late November but I can’t for the life of me recall seeing any posters or it being advertised in Shinjuku Piccadilly or even Shibuya’s Toho cinemas. I went 3 times to watch a movie in those locations and didn’t see anything. No wonder it tanked at the box office. If you don’t promote the movie then what hopes have you got in trying to entice viewers to go and watch it. If I’d known about it I would have definitely gone to see it.

Not sure what the plot is all about but it’s looks like a spoof judging from the trailer which includes Captain Jack Sparrow, a kaiju monster, possibly some super sentai pisstake as well. It’s a remake/continuation of an 1987 movie called Iko The Earth Patrol Girl. Never heard of that movie before. Check out the trailer below.



2 responses

4 01 2012

Who are other girls except for Haruka and Nonti? Some of them are really nice, but I see them for the first time…

4 01 2012

I’m not really sure who the other girls are in the movie, I’ve never seen them before either. I’ll need to go and search for a list of the cast to find that out.

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