Minarun Back As Team 4 Captain Once More

4 01 2012

No sooner has Minarun returned back on her first day on active duty with Team 4 that she’s restored to her previous position as Team 4 Captain. I honestly didn’t think she’d get the captaincy back so quickly. Haruu knew that the position as captain was only going to be temporary and I don’t think they’ll be any bad feelings from her to relinquish it either. Team 4 is quite a tight unit and they all support each other.

Minarun did comment at the end of today’s performance at the AKB Theater how sorry she was to have caused all this trouble and it was nice of her to acknowledge Haruu on the great job she’s done in her absence. She has vowed to take this second opportunity and do her very best in the future.

I’m delighted that Minarun has been reinstated but you do have to feel sorry for Haruu. I really thought she was an excellent captain of Team 4. Let’s hope the fans have forgiven Minarun and Team 4 can move on.



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4 01 2012

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5 01 2012


5 01 2012


2 05 2012
Alvin Kwan


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