More on Mayuyu’s New Drama

4 01 2012

As I reported previously, Mayuyu will be taking the leading role in a comedy drama series called “Sabadol” which starts next week (January 13th) and is set to run for 12 episodes. Now more details about her role have been released to the press. Mayuyu will play an unattractive 38 year old high school teacher called ‘Usa Shijimi’ who’s constantly being harassed and made fun of by her students. She teaches them classical literature. However she also masquerades as a 17 year old idol ‘Mayu Watanabe’ whom the students adore.

I’m not sure how Mayu is going to look and act as a person more than double her age but I guess the make-up department will do the necessary for her to start ageing a little bit. I haven’t got that high an expectation for this drama but I’ll take a quick peek at the first episode to see if it’s any good. I’m probably looking forward more to hearing her debut single ‘Synchro Tokimeki’ which is also the theme song for ‘Sabadol’.



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12 01 2012
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