New NMB48 2nd Generation Kenkyuusei Captain Chosen

4 01 2012

It seems that being suspended and punished is the way forward to becoming a leader in NMB48 as Rena Shimada who has only just returned back to action on January 1st has been chosen by Aki-P to be the captain of NMB48 2nd generation kenkyuusei members. Why the kenkyuusei members need a captain is another matter altogether as captains are usually chosen for teams?  Maybe Aki-P felt that if she was given a responsibility, she would mature and pay him back in kind for giving her a second chance. It’s also difficult to gauge how the fans will look upon her new job. Some weren’t prepared to let her back into NMB48 so quickly when they voted to lift her suspension a while back – they’ll be feeling a big miffed at this appointment.

In other NMB48 news, Team M will shortly be formed on January 26th. Now if the majority of those in the new team will be the 2nd generation kenkyuusei members that could mean Rena Shimada will be captain of Team M.



One response

5 01 2012

for a moment there I thought it was Shinkai RIna XD

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