AKB48 New Single – GIVE ME FIVE! Preview

5 01 2012

AKB48’s 25th single GIVE ME FIVE comes out on the 15th February 2012 and we usually get a slow sakura ballad song by Aki-P at that time of year but not this time from what you’re about to hear in the new Apamanshop CM video below that features the senbatsu members. The track sounds fantastic and it’s an upbeat song.

Here’s the CM and the Making Of for you to take a look.



3 responses

6 01 2012
Yuki Kashiwagi Fan

I have a question, why is Yuki in the back when she was 3rd? the recent photos show her at the side or at the back. why is that?

6 01 2012

Yukirin was 3rd for the senbatsu election single (22nd) only. It didn’t mean she was going to be close to the center for the rest of the group’s singles.

7 01 2012
Yuki Kashiwagi Fan

oh 🙂 ty

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