AKB48 Are Now The Biggest Selling Female Group In Single Sales

6 01 2012

AKB48 are close to breaking Morning Musume’s Love Machine record for the highest selling single by a female group but they’ve already overtaken them in overall sales and are now the biggest selling female group in single sales.

Morning Musume sales (which comprises of 56 singles to date) stood at 11,774,000 which has taken nearly 14 years to accumulate. AKB48 on the other hand have managed to sell 11,787,000 copies and overtake them in half the time (6 years) plus they’ve only taken 24 singles to achieve this as well. It’s not surprising when nearly all of AKB48’s singles these days sell well over a million. 7,346,000 of the total came from the sales of their 5 singles last year, that’s nearly 2/3 of the overall figure. It was a question of sooner rather than later when AKB48 would break this record and now they have.

I’m getting so used to doing this now but many congratulations once again to AKB48.



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