Sasshi To Have Solo Debut In March

8 01 2012

There’s not much details at the moment but AKB Theatre Manager Togasaki and Aki-P have announced today that Sasshi will be releasing her debut solo single sometime in March under the Avex label. Apparently Avex wasn’t the only label that wanted her to release a single, there was several vying for her.

I’m excited about this as I really like Sasshi.  She’s got a ton of work outside of AKB right now – an upcoming late night drama,  is a regular on Waratte Iitomo and a solo single coming up. I’m sure Sasshi in her own endearing way will put herself down as she normally does by saying that nobody will want to buy her single as her voice is terrible.

Aki-P has hinted that there will be more girls from AKB having a solo single this year – the next likely candidate is probably Takamina or maybe Yukirin.

When I get more details about Sasshi’s debut single, I’ll post them here.

UPDATE: Sasshi’s single now has a title – Hashigo wo Hazusu na and it’ll be a tie-in with her drama as it’s going to be used as the theme to it.



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