Sakiko To Get Her Own Album?

10 01 2012

If Aki-P gets his own way, Sakiko Matsui will release her own piano album soon. If any of you remember Sakiko at AKB48’s Kouhaku tournament, you’ll know just how fantastic she is in playing the piano. On the 7th January edition of the TV programme TEPPEN, Sakiko got the opportunity once more to wow AKB48 fans into how amazing she is on the piano which you can check out below by playing Every Little Thing’s Time Goes By. Aki-P has been so impressed with her skills, he is seriously thinking about releasing a piano album by Sakiko. I’d definitely buy that. The trio of French Kiss was also on the show to give her moral support.



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10 01 2012

Definitely with you. If Sakippe releases a piano album, I’m definitely buying that. Her piano playing is just stunningly beautiful to watch and listen to.

10 01 2012


That is great. Kind of attractive like Yuko playing Bass or SCANDAL. IMO

I will gladly buy that album too. (please post about it when its out) hehehe

Hey, didn’t she also stared on a spy drama or something? I wonder what happened to that? Anyone?

11 01 2012
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