AKB48 And Ultraman To Defend The Earth In New Movie

16 01 2012

This piece of news has been out for some time now (November 2011) but I haven’t mentioned anything about it yet. 7 AKB48 members will be taking part in the new Ultraman Saga movie which comes out on March 24th. The plot features 3 Ultraman (Zero, Dyna and Cosmos) collaborating with a group of humans (Team U – part of the Earth Defence Force) to protect the Earth from a group of invading aliens.

The 7 AKB48 members taking part are Sayaka who plays the part of the team leader Anna, Umechan is the vice-leader Misato, Sae is the special attack unit captain Sawa whilst Kana and Yuttan play the maintenance personnel Nonko and Maomi. Rounding off the AKB48 members in the movie is Suuchan as medical officer Riisa and Haruu as communications chief Hina.

I’ve got a soft spot for these kind of movies although the last Ultraman movie I watched was Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers and that was 3 years ago. I don’t think the Ultraman purists are too happy about the decision to include AKB48 members in the movie as they seem to think that the focus will be too much on them and not on the Ultramen. I’m not complaining especially when Umechan is in the movie!!!

Check out the movie trailer below:



3 responses

16 01 2012

Suuchan as medic… it sounds so real, lol.

16 01 2012

It wouldn’t be a surprise if DiVA sings the movie song 😉

16 01 2012

I think you could be right about that seeing as all 4 members of DiVA are acting in the movie.

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