Sae Receives Bowling Mass Media Award

19 01 2012

If some of you caught an episode of Shukan AKB if I remember back in Summer 2010 you’d know that Sae took up bowling and actually became quite good at it. The “19th Bowling Mass Media Award” took place recently and gave Sae an award for spreading awareness about the sport on TV. I believe that Sae has appeared on other TV shows during the past year to show her bowling skills, I can’t tell you which ones they were as I didn’t see them.

Sae has publicy stated that she wants to be a pro bowler once she finishes her time as an idol. I hope she also learns how to dress more fashionably as her clothes style is a bit eccentric as seen in the photo above. Perhaps her Team K colleague Tomochin could help her out!!



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19 01 2012

Wasn’t she in special and regular Nemousu episodes about bowling? Pretty much screen time…

Oh well, she is really fashionable – she chooses what really fits her 😉 Looks great on photo, I’m surprised.

19 01 2012

I adore Sae’s quirky fashion sense.

19 01 2012

I think gorat you’re spot on that it was Nemousu TV that had Sae bowling and not Shukan AKB. I’ve made a mistake here.

Good to see that somebody likes Sae’s fashion style. It always amuses me how the camp fashion designer/producer Uematsu fobs her off every time she appears on AKBingo’s Summer/Winter collection episodes.

20 01 2012
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20 01 2012

She is yet to beat Ogi-san in bowling… ^_^

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