AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2012 Day 4

22 01 2012

Today was the final day of the countdown and I hope that all of you that tuned into Youtube like myself to watch the concert live enjoyed it as much as I did.

No major announcements happened today apart from SDN48 will be holding a farewell concert at the NHK Hall. It was nice to see Kodoku no Runner voted so high in the countdown and to see the members get all emotional. As for what was no.1 in the countdown – it didn’t surprise me one bit. Sort of had an inkling that it would be the same as last year.

The biggest surprise for me came in the encore as AKB48 unveiled the 18 senbatsu member for their next single GIVE ME FIVE and performed it as a band called “Baby Blossom” with Yukirin on drums, Yuko playing bass guitar, Yui & Rena on trumpet, Sasshi and Miichan on trombone, Acchan playing guitar, the chorus personnel had Sae, Kitarie, Chiyuu, Akicha and Sayanee, there was Kojima and Mayuyu on keyboards, Mariko, Jurina and Tomochin playing percussion and finally Takamina on lead guitar. Since August they’ve been practicing how to play their instruments and today was their debut. So what if they were a little bit ropey, I thought it was fantastic and reminded me a bit of the movie Swing Girls.

Anyway, the Top 25 songs are as follows:

25. Ponytail to shushu (AKB48 single)
24. Kiseki wa maniawanai (K6)
23. Seishun no lap time (c/w from the NMB48 Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo single)
22. Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo (NMB48 single)
21. Omatase Set list (KII3)
20. Mushi no ballad (K5)
19. Oh my God! (NMB48 single)
18. Beginner (AKB48 single)
17. Kareha no Station
16. Pareo wa emerald (SKE48 single)
15. Heart-gata virus (A5)
14. Kuru kuru paa (K3)
13. Bird (A3)
12. Kimi no koto ga suki dakara (c/w from the AKB48 River single)
11. Iiwake Maybe (AKB48 single)
10. Yokaze no shiwaza (B5)
09. Naki nagara hohoende (K3)
08. Dakishimecha ikenai (c/w from the AKB48 Flying Get single)
07. Kaze wa fuiteiru (AKB48 single)
06. Itoshiki Natasha (B4)
05. Team B oshi (B5)
04. Flying Get (AKB48 single)
03. Kodoku na runner (SDN48 1st Stage)
02. Everyday, Kachuusha (AKB48 single)
01. Heavy Rotation (AKB48 single)


GIVE ME FIVE – Baby Blossom
Aitakatta – all members

EDIT: The GIVE ME FIVE performance has now been uploaded on Youtube and Dailymotion. I’ve linked to the Dailymotion version as it stands a better chance of being up longer than the YT one. Enjoy.



4 responses

22 01 2012


Looking forward to their next single and this dvd boxset. ^_^

Thanks for keeping us in the loop on their Request Hour.

22 01 2012

Oh wow!!!!
I’m really excited for their next single now!!
it looks great!
and takamina did an amazing job on her solo!
i can just imagine how long it took her to learn that :\
This is something i can gladly say no other female idol group has done live!

And they should sing live alittle more often, they are sounded great.
100% amazing.

22 01 2012

That live performance makes them look like that anime “K-ON!”

I’d love to see the girls perform with an actual band behind them.

23 01 2012

@TheTwin yeah, same here

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