NMB48 Team M Announced Today

26 01 2012

Today the formation of NMB48 Team M was announced which will consist of 16 members. The members are a mix of the 1st and 2nd gen kenkyuusei. Unfortunately not all of the kenkyuusei (12 in total) including some of the 1st gen were able to get into the new team. Until Team BII is announced in the future or they’ll be added someday to one of the two teams currently active they’ll just have to stay as kenkyuusei. The captain as was expected to be of the new team is Rena Shimada.

The members of the new team are:

1st Gen Kenkyuusei
Ayame Hikawa
Rena Kawakami
Riona Ota
Natsumi Yamagishi
Momoko Kinoshita

2nd Gen Kenkyuusei
Rena Shimada – CAPTAIN
Eriko Jo
Keira Yogi
Yuuka Kodakari
Yui Takano
Mao Mita
Airi Tanigawa
Fuuko Yagura
Runa Fujita
Sae Murase
Ayaka Murakami

Many congratulations to all those that made it into Team M.



2 responses

26 01 2012

Congrats to the members of the newly formed Team M.

Excited to see how they perform together as a team and hopefully we’ll see more of them on TV shows.

26 01 2012


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