Under 18 Members Finally Get Their Own Google+ Profile Page

26 01 2012

Just announced, all 109 members of AKB48/SKE48/HKT48/NMB48 under 18 years old that had been lumped together on the ‘Heyakko’ page have now been given their own Google+ profile page just like the rest of their teammates so for all of you that have been waiting for a profile page solely for Mayuyu, Lovetan or Jurina for example you’ve finally got your wish so get going and add the members to your circles!



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27 01 2012
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[…] Under 18 Members Finally Get Their Own Google+ Profile Page – IXA Ready So now I can create a circle called “pedo-wota”. […]

27 01 2012
tokai / binaryriot

Please note that U-13 girls do not get their own profile page. So it must be precisely U18, but O(ver)-12. πŸ™‚ Or to summarize it: All girls that are at least 13 have their own profile page now. πŸ˜€

27 01 2012

Yes, you’re spot on there. Thanks for correcting me. So if this had occured say 3 years ago Jurina would still not get a profile page as she would be under 13 years old.

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