AKB48 Give Me Five PV

27 01 2012

The 5 minute version of AKB48’s newest single GIVE ME FIVE has been posted online on various places so here it is for all of you to see. I’ve gone for the Dailymotion version once more in the hope that it’ll survive more than the YT version would do. This isn’t the full version of the PV, that’s going to be a 34 minute MV drama so we’ll have to wait until the single comes out to see that. The plot will be about the senbatsu members who are all in a school for adults who dropped out of high school that hate themselves and their lives so their teacher persuades them to join the music group and create a band so they can have a sense of belonging together. Yuko’s character is supposed to be a prostitute!!

The PV in the first half of the song focuses on Baby Blossom performing for a selected audience in a hall (sort of like a mini-concert) before showing some clips which forms the storyline of the MV drama and ending with the band high-fiving each other just like they did in the Request Hour concert.

Enjoy the PV!



3 responses

27 01 2012

Great song! Really think it’s well done.

The last high five made me laugh.. soo slow in motion :p

27 01 2012

Thanks for the details of the CD. I did not know that it has a 35min mv. hehe

I’m glad to have placed the order for it already. ^_^

28 01 2012
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