Crazy Nut Threatens To Murder NMB48, Jurina & Kanon

27 01 2012

A sick and very disturbed individual posted a worrying threatening entry on Wikipedia that he would set fire to the NMB Theater tomorrow night at 7.15pm killing all of the NMB48 members and it’s audience and then turn his attention to SKE48 member Jurina by setting her school alight midday on Monday with her in it. But that’s not the end of it as there’s also a threat to Kanon Kimoto by torching her house as well. Whether this is a strange joke or not, it’s not very nice to see things like this and I hope management take precautions. You just cannot take threats like this lightly – there are weirdos around who would do something insane like this. I only hope police catch this person quickly.

UPDATE: NMB48’s show today passed without incident which I’m very relieved to hear about.



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27 01 2012

I’m with you. I hope they find him soon. I wonder what perplexed that guy to think such thing. Maybe there is story behind it too like a turned down fan or something…like that weirdo who confronted Amina during the handshake event.

I hope this won’t happen. Japan is still recovering from last year. The nation don’t need this kind of things.

28 01 2012

one word: psycho.

28 01 2012

Wow, everything is going nuts in AKB land.

31 01 2012

Do you have a link to the source of this story?

In Japanese is fine.

But, even if the threats are true, one should not worry. There are so many people in the world, some of them are going to be deeply troubled.

If they were sane and really wanted to do this, they would not have announced their plans. A sane person would plan such attacks without declaration. A sane person probably would not have a reason to do so.

But, if the person is sane, the actual target of interest would likely then be something else, rather than actually destroying these places. While our attention is on these places, what are we not thinking about? Who stands to gain by this heightened security? These are the questions we should be asking. What is their real agenda? How do they stand to benefit?

31 01 2012

The source of the story was on Wikipedia which has since been taken down so I don’t have anything unfortunately for you.

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