It’s Not Over Yet For Nacchan and Yonechan

28 01 2012

When I read the statement by Togasaki last night about Nacchan and Yonechan, I thought they were resigning with immediate effect so why do I read from so many people today that both will be back for an AKB48 handshake event on the 5th February for 1 last time before retiring. Apparently this has come straight from Togasaki in a message that’s been posted today.

I understand that some fans would like to say a proper goodbye to them but I think this is a big mistake. There will be many people that will want to vent out their hate and frustrations out on them so I hope I’m wrong but I’ve got a bad feeling that things will turn nasty. I think yesterday’s statement should have been it – you resign, thanks very much for your work and off you go. Surely both girls realise that they’re not going to get an easy ride in this handshake event. Talk about punishing yourself even more!!



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28 01 2012

yep… take out the photos on the wall like what they did to ayarin!!!

29 01 2012

worried for them…
people are going to freak…
AkiP should’ve let them leave with some dignity… i feel like this handshake event and them attending is going to be horrible.

Hopefully they will be alright.

29 01 2012

i kind of think that the girls wanted to attend this handshake event to really say goodbye and thank the fans for the years of support. i am sure they are aware of the possible scenarios. =(

29 01 2012
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29 01 2012

I think it should turn sour. It will be a message to the other members who might be concealing such activities, or were considering doing it, to avoid it — if it doesn’t turn sour, the others thinking about it might continue with plans thinking not much will come from it..

29 01 2012

Have a heart people. They’ve already repented for their mistakes by leaving the group. -.-

30 01 2012

I agree with IXA. With this kind of reason for leaving the group, it is best to exit quietly. Fan interaction will both invite the sane fans who really want to say goodbye for the last time and the insane ones who might do something that will lead to a disaster.

I think one final blog will do it instead of a handshake event. IMO

31 01 2012

i love hirajima. this sucks.

yo quiero ser su novio!

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