AKB48 Scandal – Different Fans React In Different Ways

30 01 2012

The dust has barely settled on the resignations of both Nacchan and Yonechan and on the various forums around the internet I’ve had the pleasure of reading the reactions of fans over the weekend. Whilst the vast majority such as myself are naturally disappointed in what has taken place and would like to wish both girls the very best in the future, some fans have taken to insulting them and posting videos to show their displeasure – such as the one shown below.

I seriously don’t understand what burning a picture of Nacchan achieves for this fan. Did the person feel better after doing it? So you’re angry and pissed off. We’re all hurting inside after losing these girls but there’s no way I’d do something like that though. I’m really happy that I bought a couple of Nacchan photos in Akiba during my last trip and I’ll cherish the photos I bought of her. I really don’t think even if I was incredibly angry about what happened that I’d consider burning a picture of an idol I liked. Other fans have shredded their pictures (there was a video of one fan doing that but I can’t seem to find it now). But as the title of my post says – different fans react in different ways. My message to these angry fans is this – you want to get rid of all your Nacchan/Yonechan photos send them all to me. I’ll give them a good home but please don’t burn or shred them!



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30 01 2012

okay but some people seriously have ALOT of time on their hands.
They’re just teenagers. people should really RELAX.

on another note:
i was STUNNED when i saw the akb48 lighter. I can’t believe they have those :p That’s pretty fuckin sweet.

30 01 2012

I was thinking the same when I saw the lighter too – I WANT ONE!!

30 01 2012

Should reply to that crazy fan with this song http://www.utamap.com/showkasi.php?surl=kt1173

30 01 2012

It’s the fan’s lost. He already paid for the picture. lol

I agree, instead of burning/destroying stuff like these just give em away. Its a much more healthier reaction and favorable to us who don’t mind getting them. hehe

Do you think Zippo had a tie in with AKB or maybe that one was just custom made (unofficially).

31 01 2012

I couldn’t say to be honest with you. I’ve seen a set of 5 AKB lighters on Ebay with a picture of a senbatsu member on the front (Yuko, Acchan, Takamina, Sasshi and Mariko) but they seem unofficial to me. They look good though.

31 01 2012
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31 01 2012

Sadly, I think the wota’s mindset is this: I am willing to support you, buy your goods, shout your name – the least I ask from you is to be a virgin!

31 01 2012

You’re spot on here. A lot seem to live in a fantasy world where they think their oshi will fall in love with them – kinda like a princess waiting for a knight in shining armour. Once that fantasy is broken by a scandal in which a boyfriend is revealed they seem to lose the plot and go nuts.

31 01 2012

What’s the song that is playing while he’s burning the picture?

31 01 2012

It’s a remix of Acchan’s La Brea Ave

31 01 2012
Not crazy fan
31 01 2012

That’s the shredding video I’ve been looking for. Many thanks for the link.

4 07 2012
Lil Smith

Can’t believe that he had shredded the poster.

I think he is really attached to AKB48’s management

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