Mayu Watanabe – Synchro Tokimeki PV

1 02 2012

I’ve only seen some tiny snippets of the PV for Mayuyu’s solo debut song before today and what I had heard didn’t exactly make me excited so I was looking forward to hearing the full song and PV. Upon watching it, I’m still uncertain about the song itself. It’s not bad but it’s not brilliant either. Perhaps I was expecting something more upbeat and dancey. The PV is OK and sees Mayuyu at her desk drawing and daydreaming. She plays 2 alter ego’s in the PV – one a princess and the other looks suspiciously like Aya Ueto’s movie character Azumi. Mayuyu’s version sees her fighting a mysterious unseen foe. A shame she couldn’t have played her character more like Aya’s Azumi and have her face off against a bunch of bandits and slaughtering them with her sword.

Regardless of whether I think the song is good or bad, I will still support Mayuyu and buy the single as I like her.

Enjoy the PV and tell me what you think about the song and PV.



2 responses

2 02 2012
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8 02 2012

I like her Type B cover. ^_^

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