AKB48 Anime Character Names and Plotline Revealed

2 02 2012

The plot for the AKB48 anime series AKB0048 has been revealed:

Until just before the annihilation of Earth, AKB48 shined as legendary idols.

This is the story of the super galactic idol team that inherited that name.

In the beginning of the 21st century, a world war erupts over interplanetary travel technology. Humanity inflicts large-scale devastation upon the ecosystem and forces itself to make a mass exodus from Earth. In the year Star Calendar 00, a new era begins as humanity migrates to a self-imposed exile in space.

Before long, the (provisional) “Super Galactic Alliance” institutes a “Entertainment Prohibition Law” to control “entertainment and music which corrupts people’s minds.” Except for certain areas (zones of absolute entertainment defense*), any form of entertainment is strictly punished. One by one, idols disappear, and people’s minds are enveloped in darkness.

And so, people who were once called “idols” are now thought to be entirely extinct. However, there is an idol group who have arisen: AKB0048. They rise up as “illegal idols” who inherit the light and spirit of those legendary members of AKB48.

However, malevolent forces attack these girls who have overwhelming influence. The (provisional) Alliance government judges them as “terrorists” and cracks down on them. To protect their stage, their fans, and the citizens, the girls will take up arms and fight.

“As long as there are fans who are waiting for us, we fight even if we suffer and fall. And then, we will keep singing!”

And so, it is now Star Calendar 0048…

In this fateful year, the story begins for the 77th class of trainees who are to be chosen as new stars.

The cast members for the anime was decided via audition a while ago but now each member has been assigned a character name.

Orine Aida – Sayaka Nakaya
Chieri Sono – Mayu Watanabe
Nagisa Motomiya – Karen Iwata
Yuka Ichijo- – Amina Sato
Mimori Kishida – Sumire Sato
Susuko Kanzaki – Sawako Hata
Makoto Yokomizo – Mao Mita
Sonata Shinonome – Kumi Yagami
Kanata Shinonome – Haruka Ishida

The broadcasting start date for the anime has yet to be decided. It sounds like a great anime from the plotline but we’ll see for sure when it starts airing sometime this Spring.

Credit to Anime News Network for the storyline summary.





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