Nacchan & Yonechan Say Sorry To The Fans

4 02 2012

At an AKB48 handshake event at Tokyo’s Big Sight at Odaiba today, Nacchan and Yonechan appeared in front of the fans to say sorry to all of them for their part in the scandal that rocked AKB48 just a week ago. Nearly all the fans gave them a warm welcome and wished them luck in the future. So what did both of them say? Here’s a small summary of what they said and how Nacchan’s speech even made AKB48 theater manager Togasaki cry.

Yonechan said she was sorry for causing trouble for so many people and for betraying the fans. Performing on the stage was fun for her. She mentioned that the rumours that came to the surface is different from what really took place. She denies involving any other AKB48 members in this scandal – she and Nacchan are the only ones who have violated the rules. She’s grateful for all the staff and AKB48 colleagues who are going to continue to support her and she wants to support them back even though she will no longer be in AKB48. She is unsure what will become of her in the future but will work hard so that she can be supported by everybody and will accept any harsh and warm words by the fans. Yonechan ended her speech by thanking everybody for the past 5 years.

Nacchan opened her speech by accepting that she has no excuses for causing trouble for everyone. She has received so much love after the scandal has broken out. She loves AKB48 and WH and even when times were hard it never once crossed her mind to quit. She is really happy to be a part of AKB48. Nacchan still wants to perform with AKB48 – be it on the stage or on a concert tour with Team B. It’s painful for her to leave AKB48 like this. Seeing everybody’s faces at the theater and the yells from the crowd is something that she will miss. She wants to stand in front of everybody again in the future and will work hard. She closed by thanking the fans for their love and once again said sorry.

So there you have it. They have to do this again tomorrow and then that will close the AKB48 chapter in both of their lives or will it? I seriously think that Nacchan will be back as an AKB48 member  – perhaps not this year but next year but there’s no doubt in my mind that she wants to come back to AKB48 and I’m sure everybody (Aki-P, the staff and AKB48 members) would gladly welcome her back with open arms. It’s happened once with Ayarin so there’s nothing to stop Nacchan from doing the same. Yes, she will have to start at the very bottom as a kenkyuusei member and win the trust of the fans but if anybody can do that it’s Nacchan.



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4 02 2012

yeah, i hope naachan returns as a kks…

5 02 2012
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5 02 2012

It would be weird to se her as a kenkyusei, but I would love to see her back in akb.

5 02 2012

Great read. I’m so happy that Nacchan was still accepted warmly. I really do see hope for her return and I’m crossing my fingers for it. The only one stopping her from returning, I think, is herself.. if she doesn’t feel like doing the journey from scratch again.

I couldn’t imagine her as a kenkyuusei.. but, I’m sure as a vet she’ll climb the ranking quickly and reclaim a spot on a main team easily. As long as she worked hard. Maybe if she tried to just get back in WH she’d have an easier re-induction into AKB. She’s one of my favorite members and I’ll continue to follow her closely and hope for her well being and success.

12 02 2012

Nacchan can return as KKS but has until this fall when she turns 20 which is the KKS age limit.

Hopefully she does as she’ll accelerate through the ranks quickly.

Whether she does or is allowed by management is anyone’s guess.
She hasn’t been a front line girl so she also needs t consider how much time she’ll get if she comes back so nothing might change.

What ever happens, we’ll miss you, Nacchan!
Good luck to her and much happiness in her future!

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