Japanese Government Employ AKB48 To Lure Chinese Tourists

5 02 2012

In order to attract more Chinese tourists over to Japan (as those that do come there spend a hell of a lot of money!), the Japanese government have appointed AKB48 as ambassadors to promote Japan as a safe destination for Chinese people to visit in their ‘Vibrant Japan’ campaign. With the Japanese economy stagnating right now, something needs to be done to kickstart it and trying to lure tourists back who might still be afraid of going there after the nuclear accident at Fukushima is one method of doing that. What better way of trying to get Chinese tourists to come to Japan than by using the country’s no.1 idol group which has a huge following in China.

Kitarie, Yui and Tomochin attended the launch event of ‘Vibrant Japan’ with Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba. AKB48 will be heading over to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong over the next month and a half to promote Japan and Tomochin said she will make sure that AKB48 shows the Chinese public that Japan is a great place to visit.



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6 02 2012
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