The Rise And Rise Of NMB48

9 02 2012

Yesterday saw NMB48 release their brilliant 3rd single ‘Junjou U-19’ and as expected they stormed their way to the top of the Oricon Daily Charts. In fact they very nearly broke SKE48’s record for Kataomoi Finally on it’s first day. That sold 285,467 and NMB48 was just a whisker behind on 280,367 copies – a big increase of 100k from their last single ‘Oh My God!’. It looks like the gap in sales between NMB48 and SKE48 is closing rapidly. We shall see though whether NMB48 can maintain their push for the entire week as SKE48 managed to shift a lot during the latter half of the week and increase their total by just over 200k to nearly 500k. Figures for the 2nd day for Junjou-U19 dropped to just 18k.

Congratulations to NMB48 on their achievement for the first day.

Here’s a Dailymotion video featuring NMB48 on a TV show that aired on the 8th February.



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10 02 2012
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10 02 2012

Awesome to see Junjou U-19 selling so well so far. Loved Zetsumetsu and OMG!, but I really feel this NMB’s best single so far.

12 02 2012

Good job!
I personally think NMB48 has much more sex appeal than SKE48

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