NMB48 Hit No.1 On The Oricon Chart And Create History

14 02 2012

NMB48 have once again hit no.1 with their 3rd single ‘Junjou U19’. After a huge opening day sales figure, the rest of the week was fairly disappointing compared to SKE48 with Kataomoi Finally but still they managed to shift an incredible 329,000 copies. NMB48 have also broken a record by becoming the first female artists to break 200k and become no.1 with their first 3 singles. This has never happened before in the Oricon chart’s 45 year old history. Erika Sawajiri and Hiroko Yakushimaru managed no.1 singles with their first 2 hits but NMB48 have gone one better.Well done girls.

As a thank you for their fans for providing them with 3 no.1 singles, NMB48 are going on tour which will see them going to 10 places in their home prefecture of Osaka. The name of the tour is Osaka Juuban Shoubu and will start in April and finish off in May.

On another note altogether – remember that tomorrow is the big day that AKB48 release their latest single GIVE ME FIVE so remember to check this site to see if they’ve managed to smash through the million barrier once again on the first day.



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