Are Yuko And Eiji Wentz More Than Just Good Friends?

16 02 2012

This piece of news came out 2 weeks ago but I’d forgotten about it until now. In July 2010 there were rumours going around that Yuko and Eiji Wentz were in a relationship together. Yuko denied this saying they were just good friends but whispers about them being romantically involved have resurfaced once more as the two of them together with their families went on a new year holiday to an onsen in Ishigawa. Even though both have known each other since they were kids and it’s entirely possible that they are indeed just very good friends, could it be that there is something more to their relationship than meets the eye? I really don’t think Yuko would be that stupid to jeopardise her position as one of the important senbatsu members in AKB48 coupled with the fact that 2 girls were kicked out recently for having boyfriends. She’s far too sensible for that I hope. There is also no incriminating photos of them together at the onsen.

If she ever did get into trouble over this, it would certainly affect AKB48 but possibly not her career. Yuko is making her mark at the moment as an actress so leaving AKB48 would not be the kiss of death for her career at all, there would be plenty of work for her. Surprisingly enough, as this piece of news broke out at the same time as the Nacchan/Yonechan scandal none of the gossip magazines picked this up which is lucky for Yuko.

It’ll be interesting to see if this rumour keeps being circulated around for the next couple of months. Yuko needs to nip this story in the bud if there’s nothing to it at all.



One response

16 02 2012

I wouldn’t be surprised but honestly Wentz always struck me as gay LOL

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