Takamina Responds On Her Current Situation

17 02 2012

Yesterday saw Takamina expressing her thoughts on the current situation in her life including the recent troubles with her mother on No Sleeves’ blog.

I’ll just give a summary of what she said: Takamina expressed that she was sorry for all the worry and trouble she has caused recently. For that she is truly sorry but she is grateful for all the warm comments she received from the fans. For the past week she has thought long and hard about what to do including leaving AKB48! The support from everybody which includes the staff, AKB48 members and fans has persuaded her that she wants to continue to be in AKB48 even though there may be people out there who thinks she shouldn’t be allowed to be in the group anymore. One day she said she wants to stand on her own two feet and make her dreams come true. That will be her way of thanking the fans. She would appreciate if you continue to watch over her warmly.

I feel so sorry for Takamina – having to apologise for something that isn’t her fault at all. It’s her mother that should be apologising not Takamina. It’s a disgrace that some people think she should quit AKB48. Takamina is quite a strong person and doesn’t seem like a quitter so I’m so happy that she’s staying. I couldn’t bear to think of AKB48 without her and watching the latest AKBingo made me realise just how much she is loved and respected by all the members. Takamina will always get my love and support. Ganbare!



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18 02 2012
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